If you have been following the La Mule journey you may of gotten a taste that it has been one to represent a Disneyland rollercoaster, we went high, built up a lot of speed, puked a couple times got flipped up side down and came to a loud and aggressive stop (a couple times) and now we are on the rebuilt. The journey of business especially venture backed companies is explained well with reference to a rollercoaster.

Myself and the La Mule team came to a fork in the road early last year where we tried to keep on pushing something that had no wheels, we ran out of resources and the inspirational rally of people behind the coarse was loosing its effectiveness after the same story was being repeated over and over. 

I spoke to a good friend of mine a couple days ago where we talked about the journey of La Mule so far and acknowledged it to not have gone 100% to plan and acknowledged it still has potential. The original plan for La Mule was to create a network of transport that connected every major city in Australia through the offering of spare seats in other peoples cars to each other, knowing what I know now that is a lot easier said than done. Running on the high of the rise of Facebook and seeing other tech companies being backed by massive reserves of money to test, execute and scale idea's from the bedroom to the boardroom I thought it would be that easy, but no it is fucking hard work!

I was going to totally give up on the idea at the start of this year and disassociate myself from the idea all together, one of my mentors who probably doesn't know he has such a strong influence on me stands by the rule that focus is the key to achievement, so I am well aware that to achieve the things I aim to achieve in this life distractions and split focus prevent you from hitting the higher gears.

Instead of giving up on the idea and business, I have decided to flip it on its head and turn it into not a 'Startup' but a 'Side Project', because the funny thing is that after going through so much discovery and testing the market in such depth I have gained the knowledge to be able to build a small but scalable model that can fund itself along the way. Don't expect the world to move in the next 6 months with this but it could be a cool interesting thing that grows over time.

So for now the days of La Mule are over, but going forward you will be seeing trickles of around the place an event specific carpooling connection platform perfect for planned events from 300 to 300,000 people in attendance. It is light weight and able to work anywhere in the world for any festival. We already have 14 of Australia's best festivals on board and would like to talk to any more that are interested by the idea of getting more people to their events with less cars.

Life goes on,

Oliver Du Rieu (Feb 2017)


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